Jen Hallam

Solve Frozen Pipe Issues

September 13, 2012 23:09 PM  BY  JEN HALLAM

Pipe Tracing Keeps Pipes from Freezing

Frozen pipe faucetI once lived in a small rural town that posted signs in the grocery stores and post offices each winter warning residents to guard against the dangers of frozen pipes by keeping a small pencil thin stream of water running throughout the night. As temperatures dip I guess they figured the constant running water was the best defense over the extreme damage that pipe freezing can dole out. It always seemed like a tremendous waste of water to me. If even our small town took heed, in our own way we’d diminish the town’s valuable water quantity every night out of frozen pipe fear.

The solution we have now for frozen pipes is a pretty simple one, but many people don’t know how simple it truly can be. Electric pipe tracing protects your water pipes from freezing if they are not protected in basements or crawl spaces. Residential pipe heating is proven to keep your pipes warmly protected throughout the long winter leaving you little to worry about when the temperatures dip below freezing. Using pipe tracing ensures pipes stay flowing and your home is protected from the potentially costly damage that comes from a burst pipe. The heat trace cables will help solve freezing hazards and keep your home safe all winter long.

  Pipe Freeze Protection  

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